These samples represent my work in a variety of different styles and subjects. Some are hosted here, others are links to sites where this writing was published.

Business Writing

Six Things Transformational Leaders Don’t Do in a Crisis – an interview-based article for Headspring, a joint venture between the Financial Times and the IE Business School.

Creating Engagement Through Empowerment – a think piece on encouraging employee engagement.

Should You Be Using Blockchain? – exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the current hot technology.

Education Writing

Pupil Power – article previously published on Enroll.com.

Values and Self-Esteem – article previously published on Enroll.com.

History Writing

The Ruthless 16th-Century Spy Network – a brief explanation of Elizabethan spycraft for History.com.

Great Blunders of World War Two – a list article.

A Condom, an Aniseed Ball, and a Bowl of Porridge – a narrative about the creation of the limpet mine.

Scotland the Bravehearted – on accuracy and the fictionalisation of history.


How Crucibles Can Save Your Story From Falling Apart – writing article for Re:Fiction.

Preacher: Still Comics’ Most Powerful Exploration of Faith and Friendship – review for Scifi Addicts.

Thugs and Goths: Challenging Vegan Clichés – article for the Flaming Vegan website.

The Emotional Puzzle of a Shared Universe – film analysis on my own blog.


Surprise Me – fantasy romance in a coffee shop.

When the Romans Came – historical coming of age fiction.

As Cool As Elvis – a science fiction story about body modification.


To Win Just Once – script pages from a Commando comic story.

Bacon – unpublished comic scifi script.